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Hear the story of Siegbert Freiberg, a Holocaust survivor reunited with his father live on the air.

Listen to "My Town," a post-war refugee drama broadcast on WNYC on June 15, 1947.


"Escape from a Dream," a fragment of a post-war refugee drama.

In radio archeology, incomplete remains can be among the most intriguing. Such is the case with this English-language post-World War II drama, which stars Richard Widmark as a psychologically tormented Holocaust survivor. The program, of which only the first half survives, was first broadcast on May 18, 1947, on New York's WMCA and was sponsored by United Service for New Americans, an organization that helped Holocaust survivors -- then called "displaced persons" or "DPs," immigrate to America.

Listen now to "Escape from a Dream" with your RealPlayer.

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