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The Jewish Philosopher
1 C. Israel Lutsky, the Jewish Philosopher
2 The Philosopher's Magazine and League
3 Lutsky on Carnation Milk
NPR Documentary
The Jewish Philosopher, the documentary about the first advice-giver of the air. (12:14 min.)

Isaiah Sheffer, Lutksy's English announcer, recalls getting canned for flubbing a commercial.

Carnation commercials:

"How do they make it so cheap?"

"How can a little can hold so many nutrients?"

Lutsky on Carnation Milk

Day in, day out, for three decades running, Lutsky began his program with a freshly written tribute to the wonders of Carnation Milk. He lauded the economic efficiency of Carnation's plants, the mysterious nutritional benefits of its powdered milk crystals, the allergy-preventing properties of its canned milk -- all with the same emotion and sense of purpose that went into responding to "listener" letters. The force of Lutsky's devotion was in full evidence when he summarily fired Isaiah Sheffer, his English-language announcer, for garbling a Carnation ad.

Lutsky was so enamored of his patron that he always sported a white Carnation in his lapel and, for his vacations, toured Carnation plants across the country, prancing about like Napoleon at Austerlitz. It thus seems apt that one-third of the surviving recordings of the program feature Lutsky dispensing Carnation ads rather than the milk of human kindness.


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