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Listen to the Yiddish Radio Project documentary about Victor Packer.

Listen to "Questions in the Air," yet another gameshow by Victor Packer.


"Voices of the Street," a street-corner game show, with the inimitable Victor Packer.

"Gems from the Archive" concludes with a farewell visit to the streets of Brooklyn with host Victor Packer. Listen in as the unsung Yiddish-radio hero chews the fat with housewives and shopkeepers on the corner of Clarkson Avenue. Today's topic of conversation: Can a mother have as much love for her step-children as much as her own children? Host Victor Packer skillfully elicits opinions, experiences, and even song from contestants eager for a shot at winning two containers of Foremost Pasteurized Milk.

Listen now to "Voices of the Street" with your RealPlayer.

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