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Learn more about Nahum Stutchkoff and hear the Yiddish Radio Project documentary about his life and work.

Flip through excerpts from Stutchkoff's monumental Yiddish Thesaurus.

Learn more about "Rabbi Rubin and his court of the air."


"The Candy Store," a radio drama by Nahum Stutchkoff.

This week Gems is a classic episode of Nahum Stutchkoff's 'Round the Family Table. Originally broadcast in 1939, the episode is an homage to Rabbi Rubin's real-life Yiddish court of the air, which in ran New York from the late-1930s to 1956. In Stutchkoff's fictional rendering, the judge (played by Stutchkoff himself) weighs the case of a pauperized father who has come to plead for support from his wealthy children.

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