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Love Letters: A League Member's Unrequited Love
The following missives were addressed to Morris Shimshak, the Philosopher League’s treasurer, by an admirer he met at one of the League’s social functions. It is the only surviving remnant of the romance sparked by the league’s activities.

June 22, 1938

I’m terribly lonely, unhappy and blue;
I’d really appreciate a visit from you.

Dear Morris:

I received your letter this morning and you must be very busy. Your letter lacks any feeling of friendliness and warmth. It is as cold and colorless as a business form letter. I was hoping to hear from you yesterday and really felt quite hurt when there was no letter from you. Then I thought you might call me and we could discuss this over the telephone, but you did not call. Your letter sounds as if you were afraid I was trying to palm something off on you. It has a defensive ring. Am I that bad in your opinion? Or is it just low?

There is a new swindle going on at the League and I have been roped in. It was unwittingly started by Charlie Zucker and Sylvia Potashnick. I need your help. If I stay in, you must help us keep the books so that there will be no fancy bookkeeping by any of the officers of the organization. This amount will be quite large according to Sylvia and Charlie. Oh! I am referring to the testimonial Dinner suggested by Charlie and which everyone seems anxious to tender to Mr. Lutsky. If you will not help me keep books (Sylvia and Charlie want me and Sylvia to be co-treasurers), please help me get out of this. I believe there will be a meeting of the arrangements committee on Monday, June 27th. Do you think you could attend? I will let you know if this meeting is definite.

The dinner is to be held on October 12th. This is to be a formal catered affair and the committee are to be in evening clothes. I really want to attend, but I am afraid of involving myself in a swindle if I accept a position to handle money. With your assistance in setting up books, etc., I believe we may be able to work it out. Please do not refuse because of any animosity you may have towards Mr. L. Several people have already remarked that you are conspicuous by your absence since election of officers.

The reason I wanted to see you and discuss this was to get your personal reaction. If, by your expression, you did not approve of what I was saying, I could drop the whole discussion. Through the mail, I am like a blind man feeling his way and not very well at that.

There is another matter which I would like to discuss with you. This is purely social and can await your leisure. Do you think you could possibly spare me one evening next week, preferably Tuesday or Wednesday evening? We can discuss the dinner thoroughly and I much prefer not to discuss it by mail. I also need a lot of cheering up, having been the recipient of a lot of bad news. I wonder if you can help me.

Please let me know whether or not to expect you and what evening. If you prefer, we can walk through the park and have our discussion. How about it? Won’t you answer an *** _ _ _ *** (S-O-S)?

Have you heard the results of your oral examination? I am really quite anxious to know. I sincerely hope you pass highly and that you are pleased by this fall.

Please do not beg my indulgence for I understood very well that you were terribly busy in preparation for the closing of school and the continuance of your own studies. Although I know you would not call or write, I was hoping you would do so.

I hope this letter finds you in better health than yours found me.


Rae M.K.

Rae M.K.

July 6, 1938

Dear Morris:

Why the sudden silence on your part? Have you already tired of my company or is there another reason? I still would like to see you.

Are you going to summer school? Have you heard how you made out in the Oral? What are you doing with yourself?

I spent this week-end at Lake Huntington and had a really good time. Flora went with me.

I saw Sarah and she tells me that you were down at the Institute Thursday evening. What is news there? I have been avoiding the place for several very good reasons, one of which is that you no longer come down when there is anything doing there.

If you think you could spare me any time, Flora has mentioned that it would be very nice to get up a boat ride (I have never been on one and would really enjoy it, however, I have been told that the company has a great deal to do with the enjoyment). Another idea would be to go to the Island and go on the amusements.

However, these things can only be arranged if you are interested.

Let me know just what is news and what is what.

Do you live near 277-83 Bergen Ave.? That is where my cousin lives. If possible, I may arrange to spend a week-end there. Her husband is the manager of the Oriental Theatre.


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