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Jewish Philsopher’s League Charter
from The Jewish Philosopher, November 1937.

The Jewish Philosopher’s League, Inc., has been organized and duly chartered under the laws of the State of New York, in order to fill a much wanted need in behalf of the lonely and friendless men and women of all ages and in every walk of life. During the span of several years, THE JEWISH PHILOSOPHER, under whose personal supervision and guidance the activiteis of the LEAGUE are conducted, has received several thousand letters from men and women who desire an opportunity for self-expression by participating actively in cultural, social and athletic activities. Even more urgent has been their demand for a chance to foster acquaintance and friendship with poleasant and desirable individuals of both sexes.

The aims and purpose of the JEWISH PHILOSOPHER’S LEAGUE, Inc., as set forth in Article 2 of the Charter are as follows:

"...to promote the religious, intellectual, physical and social well being and development of Jewish men and women; to spread the philosophy and teachings and writings of C. Israel Lutsky, known as "THE JEWISH PHILOSOPHER"; to support an organ of opinion, wherein his sentiments will be completely voiced; to foster, advance, promote and benefit all those connected with our order; to help our members with their individual needs and special problems; to strive to preserve and strengthen the ideals of Judaism and Americanism, to cultivate, cherish and foster such ideals and principles among our members; to promote, establish, maintain, conduct and supervise, either alone or in association with other corporations, organizations, groups and individuals, such athletic, cultural or social events and/or entertainments, and at such times and places, as may be deemed necessary or advisable for the carrying out of the above purposes, under the guidance, direction and supervision of C. Israel Lutsky, known as "THE JEWISH PHILOSOPHER"; to do such other acts and things as may be lawfully done by a corporation organized for the foregoing purposes under the laws of the State of New York."

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