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An Open Letter to Advertisers and Advertising Agencies
From The Jewish Philosopher Magazine, November 1937.

This Publication is founded around a forceful and magnetic personality—the most outstanding and most widely known Jewish radio oracle. It even bears the same name—his name—which he has made a household term in every Yiddish speaking home in the New York metropolitan area as well as in Philadelphia and its adjacent territory and other places having large Jewish communities.

For nearly six years the electrifying voice of THE JEWISH PHILOSOPHER has penetrated through the walls of these tens of thousands of Jewish homes and deep into the hearts of their inhabitants. By his sage advice and outspoken compassion, he has continually added to his long list of countless listeners and admirers.

More than 50,000 of them—men, women and young sons and daughters of the Jewish faith—have sought and received his invaluable advice on matters closest to their hearts. They represent every walk of life—the humble and the rich, the orthodox and the radical, the old and the young. In their moment of need they looked to him for guidance, and he responded in no uncertain terms. Thus THE JEWISH PHILOSOPHER has saved hundreds of homes from being broken up; he has reunited untold numbers of wayward and errant adolescents with their heart-broken parents; he has brought scores of delinquent husbands and fathers to their wives and children; he has stayed the hands of self-executioners in many would-be suicide cases by showing them a proper course in life. But these thousands of temporarily troubled and perplexed men and women of all ages represent but a small percentage of his vast army of listeners who admire him, who guard the time of his radio broadcasts religiously and who worship zealously every spoken and written word of THE JEWISH PHILOSOPHER.

It is almost entirely due to the demand of these tens of thousands of followers and admirers of THE JEWISH PHILOSOPHER that this publication came to life. Its pages offer unlimited possibilities to aggressive and reliable advertisers to offer their various wares and services to these tens of thousands of standard Jewish American families.

At the present time our rates are almost unreasonably moderate and I pledge my sincere personal cooperation in the intelligent exploitation of this medium of advertising. Upon your request I shall be glad to confer with you and further enlighten you about the tremendous possibilities of sales promotion offered by the unique combination of elements that are involved in the use of advertising space in this publication.

Sincerely yours,

Jack Luth

Jack Luth

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