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Commercials on Yiddish Radio
1 Commercials on Yiddish radio
2 Mitchell Levitsky: The Advertising King
3 "Joe and Paul"
4 Index of Commercials
NPR Documentary
Commercials on Yiddish Radio, the documentary about the jingles, stores, and ad-men that time forgot. (RealAudio, 12:14 min.)  

Gallery of Yiddish radio advertisers.  

Index of Commercials

Sterling Salt Sterling International Salt Company
WLTH, c1942.
Parkway Cafeteria
Rubin Golberg and Hannah Hollander
WVFW, 1937.
Milady Frozen Fruit Products Milady Frozen Fruit Products
The Feder Sisters
WEVD, c1950.
Eastside Gluckstern's Restaurant Eastside Gluckstern's Restaurant
The Pincus Sisters and Mitchell Levitsky
WEVD, c1950.
Diathermy Diathermy
WEVD, c1940s.
Campbell's Soup Campbell's Soup
Miriam Kressyn
WEVD, c1950s.
Adler Adler Elevator Shoes
WHN, 1943.
Hebrew National Kosher Meats Hebrew National Kosher Meats
WEVD, c1950s.
Schapiro Wine Schapiro Wine
WEVD, c1950.
Lifshitz Wine Lifshitz Wine
WEVD, c1940s.
Moskowitz and Lupowitz Romanian Restaurant Moskowitz and Lupowitz Romanian Restaurant
The Pincus Sisters
WEVD, c1950.
Gefilte Fish Gefilte Fish
WEVD, c1950s.


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